Author Bio

Jack KantorczykGoing back in my thoughts through my early youth years, it is still hard to believe me that the adventure I want to tell you about, just happened to me. So far, even today, I’m not so sure, if that what happened, I still can call an adventure, or just an unusual event, but the fact of the matter is, that one day, at space of more than dozen of hours, I found myself unexpectedly in the mainstream of the events, dependent less out of my own actions, but rather more of series unusual events, for which order, and its final consequences, I had only a small impact. All of those events happened so suddenly, and so surprisingly, that within a short time, initially from the passive witness, I was forced to become its active member, and its main participant. However, in order to understand what happened, I’ll try to describe to you sequentially from the beginning, how it came to that, what happened, so unusual, and unintelligible.

- Jack Kantorczyk